Different But Together (Final Project)



Hey guys so this is my final project. A lot of it was inspired by Chantal Akerman and her work in hyperrealism. I was also inspired by Saute Ma Ville and chose to act in my project. Similar to Akerman, I wanted to focus on women and the everyday.  In our world there are many different types feminism, so the purpose of this piece is to show that there are many types of women but that we are all united and should stand together. I chose three different monologues from three different plays and gave each character an action. Each character is very different but all three women are strong and are individuals. I cut the monologues together and chose to use a hyperrealistic style in order to blend the women together as one. I didn’t include a title or credits because I didn’t want to draw attention to a set beginning or end.  The monologues are (in order of appearance):

Sophie from Star Spangled Girl

Bella from Lost in Yonkers

Lady Macbeth from Macbeth

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