The Screening (Final Project)

Hello! Below is the Youtube link to my final project. The project is titled “The Screening” and is a modern take on video artist Bill Viola’s “The Greeting,” which is an extremely slowed down video of two people greeting each other. In Viola’s work, the extreme slow motion does two major things. First, the viewer is able to see the nuances of the people’s reactions and gestures, and therefore gains a more precise and complicated understanding of the brief moment. Second, the viewer is confronted with the concept of psychological time (as opposed to real time) and therefore is able to visualize the way in which certain moment, though brief, can feel much longer. In my project, I employ this slow motion effect but replace an intimate moment between two people with a single person interacting with information on her phone. My purpose for this is to explore Viola’s ideas in a different, modern context. In “The Screening,” the girl looks through several social media networks, pictures, texts, etc for about 45 seconds of real time, which is a normal, seemingly insignificant amount of time to look at one’s phone. However, when slowed down, the images and bits of text that she is quickly passing through linger longer — perhaps a more accurate representation of how our brain is actually processing and being affected by them. Furthermore, she has a few reactions to what she is looking through that feel more complex when slowed down. For example, about halfway through, she laughs at something she sees, but slowed down you can see the brief moment of disgust on her face before the laughter comes.

*NOTE: the video begins in real time then changes to slow motion*


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