Identity Portraits (Final Project)

After working on Cindy Sherman for my gallery talk and watching Upstream Color by Shane Carruth for one of my blog posts, for my final project, I decided to explore identity. Is identity relative?

For this project I took pictures of people that I know and added some sort of background through photoshop to try to portray their identity. I attempted to explore their identity in two different ways. One image attempted to portray their identity, or a characteristic they would use to describe themselves, basically how they see themselves. The second image attempted to show a part of their identity, of themselves, that stand out to other people; basically how they think other people see them based on how they are treated or what they hear. Then I merged these two images together to highlight the contrast between these two images, or lack of.

Here is the link for a folder with all the images: 


bruna 2 bruna 1 bruna 2 imagens paula1 paula 2 paula 2 imagens nina1 nina 2 nina 2 imagens gui funny gui question gui 2 imagens-2

One comment:

  1. What an excellent idea! No matter how extroverted the person is, there always seem to be a disconnect between part of their character or self-identity and public perception. Your approach covers both bases, an idea that leads to a more exhaustive impression of the subjects. Based on readings about Cindy Sherman and interview excerpts by her friends, her ‘public’ persona differs greatly from her reclusive and private nature.

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