In the Mind’s Eye

Conceptual Framework

My final project feature the visual imagery in the minds of cultural, religious and racial minority groups as they interact with majority communities in the US and elsewhere.

Due of factors such as slavery, colonialism, wars, political and religious persecution, overpopulation and search for better opportunities among others, people have historically left their native dwellings and migrated to regions and countries they believe offered a better chance for safety or prosperity. Globalization is among the latest reasons that fuel migration to other countries – mostly Western countries. Because of population increase in developed countries, the growth has put a strain on economic opportunities and social resources for native inhabitants and unfortunately, since migrants compete for the same space and resources, it has led to fractured relationships between natives and migrant groups.

The US remains the most hospital country to immigrants than any other country the world. It is the most diverse country on planet earth and because it offers a better promise for all types of opportunities, the US remains the number one destination for many migrants around the world.

I tried to cover a wide range of topics ranging from injustice to cultural identity and sexuality issues. I will also attempt to approach these issues from a surrealist angle, and I will particularly adapt Andres Serrano’s style of conceptual photography.

While I am not a painter or sculptor, I manipulated photographs using Photoshop to project images that flicker in the minds of minorities as they share time and space with majority

Relation to Andres Serrano’s Work

Andres Serrano (Figure 4), a surrealist-inspired and conceptual American photographer, is mostly known for his Piss Christ project. In this series, he suspends and photographs a crucifix submerged in a glass of his urine (figure 1). While many Catholics perhaps consider this the ultimate act of blasphemy, Serrano does not believe his work is provocative. Instead, he says it symbolizes the way Christ died and the suffering he endured on the cross. He cites his strict Catholic upbringing as an inspiration behind provocative images her has created over decades.


Figure 1                                                        Figure 2

In Heaven and Hell II (Figure 2), Serrano takes a swipe at the Catholic church’s indifference towards sexual violence. In the picture, a man in a red robe, traditionally the official Catholic Cardinal outfit, has turned his back towards a nude woman who appears to be bound by her hands, with torrents blood dripping from the head of neck area to her bare breasts down her vaginal area.

The following are some of the images I created for my project to express minority groups’ frustration with government systems. The photographs touch on political, religious and social justice issues. Others deal with the struggles migrants go through as they navigate immigration systems in Western countries.

American Dream


Figure 3

This photography contains 5 images: Statue of liberty, US flag, US map, flames and a paved road vanishing inside the flames. The image is complemented with the text ‘ The New American Dream.’


Congress Drones Picha 2 Picha 3 Picha 4 Police Wolve



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