FEDTalks 2018 | Diversity & Inclusion: A Year in Review

Please join us as we hear from some of this year’s most engaging speakers, culminating in a panel discussion to drill down on critical areas to plan for 2019. As we finish out a year of unprecedented change, diversity and inclusion continued to emerge as both a challenge and an opportunity for this nation.

Gary Smith, IVY Planning Group, will help us navigate the wealth of knowledge that will be provided by a team of accomplished panelists.

  • How can we leverage diversity and inclusion to uncover groundbreaking advances for our nation?
  • What are the critical factors to ensure that the workforce of today and tomorrow is highly productive, engaged and impactful?
  • What is the forecast for policies and practices that will impact diversity, equity and inclusion?

Our panelists of subject matter experts in diversity, equity, and inclusion will explore these questions and more to provide us with well-informed answers. As we seek to tap the knowledge of all people, create inclusive environments, and reap the benefits of diversity, inclusion and equity, we need new solutions to both old and new challenges.

Title: Diversity & Inclusion: A Year in Review


Gary A. Smith, Co-Founder and Senior Partner, IVY Planning Group (Diversity & Inclusion in 2018)
Bruce Stewart, Managing Partner, Small World Solutions; Adjunct Professor, American University; and Former Deputy Director for Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Government Former Co-Chairperson for White House Committee on Reducing Unconscious Bias in STEM (Implicit Bias)
Deena Fidas, Director, Workplace Equality Program, Human Rights Campaign (LGBTQIA+)
Nicole Cozier, Senior Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Human Rights Campaign (Creating an Inclusive Culture)

Following this event, hop over to James Hoban’s for Key’s Holiday Networking Happy Hour. More information is available here.