Cultural Influences of 1340 S Street NW

As seen in the book S Street Rising by Ruben Castaneda, the building where the drugs were hidden was located at 1340 S Street NW. In the 1980’s, the area was not at it’s best, it was very drug and crime ridden. But as the DC drug epidemic passed, business men saw and took on the opportunity of gentrifying the area and providing a family friendly safe neighborhood. They began to buy out homes for a cheap price, pushing the previous residences out, in order to change the dynamics of the neighborhood. After construction, new families and young people began moving in and taking over. With a new group of middle class people moving in, the culture inevitably changed. There was no longer gangs, drugs, and violence. There was a different way of life, wealthier people, family values and beliefs. This area was reborn. It was as if the old Shaw/Cardozo never existed. If construction hadn’t happened, it would have been hard to change the type of people living in this area today. Middle class citizens do not want to live in a shady area, but the new, modern complexes and nice restaurants and shops opening convinced a new group of people to move into the area and therefore, gentrify it. 


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