A ‘Party’

Political influences of my CLS:

Washington D.C. is mostly a blue “state”, although we all know it’s a district. However, there are areas, as one would expect, that fall short of that norm. But Shaw is not one of them. When I visited my site, I noticed many rainbow flags hanging from windows in condo’s or outside buildings, resembling the LGBTQ community and the neighborhoods support. To my surprise, I saw more caucasian people than African American even though Shaw used to be a prominently black neighborhood, especially being near Howard University. Because this neighborhood has been gentrified immensely, people of different race and color are moving into the neighborhood and changing the political views. Because younger generations are moving to Shaw, the area has become much more liberal. Older neighborhoods, as in older people, in Washington D.C., at least from what I’ve noticed, are more conservative. Although what is pictured is not an LGBTQ flag or democratic donkey flag, it shows Shaw’s appreciation for their history and past by creating signs that point to the historic places or interesting sites for tourists. But with a mix of the wealthy newcomers and the lower class long-time residents, the political influences in the Shaw area continue to change the community.

A day in Shaw: ( Photo taken by me 2/15/17)

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