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Annotated bibliography 5 and 6:


How the Mall Means:

Evans, Jocelyn J., York Kirsten B. “An Analysis of the National Mall as a Cohesively Built Environment” Perspectives on Political Science. 42, 3, July 2013: 117-130. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1080/10457097.2013.793515.

In this scholarly article, Jocelyn J. Evans and Kirsten B. York examine the three different plans the National Mall used in the past in order to develop it for the future, and to further understand the civic space and  social meaning of the National Mall. Evans and York also argue that American’s National Identity lies within the National Mall and its rhetorical meaning.

This article will further help my argument because it shows how important architecture and design is in a public space, and the different people it may draw in. Washington D.C. is not only the nations capital, but it represents our country in so many ways, and the National Mall is the most important tourist attraction where people from all  over come to a space, a political space, despite their difference in beliefs.


Bader, Aya Peri. “A model for everyday experience of the built environment: the embodied perception of architecture” The Journal Of Architecture. 20, 2, 2015: 233-267. Taylor & Francis Online. Web. 29 Apr. 2017.

Aya Peri Bader, author of “A model for everyday experience of the built environment: the embodied perception of architecture”, she explores the way architecture is viewed by people when they are distracted. She believes that humans are and will always be preoccupied with their own lives and the impact of architecture has nothing to do with how concentrated or attentive we may be. In this five part scholarly article, Bader takes us through a very detailed structure of her stand on this issue as well as her credible and feasible model called LEBEN, which stands for Lived Experience of the Built Environment. Bader also considers the urban surroundings that contribute to the daily experience of architecture.

This article is very useful because the author applies her own method and model to an issue that is related to my argument and overall theme of my essay.



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