Failure & Success

Commonplace 7:

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

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Samuel Beckett believes that failure is a good thing, like a stepping stone to success. It’s almost a life lesson, one cannot succeed unless they have failed a few times. Failing means you are trying and you are learning and that is the most important thing. Very few times do you hear a success story where the person made it to the top without any obstacles. “Fail better” shows that you are one step closer to the outcome you want, each new time you fail, you are failing closer to your goal. The simple form Beckett uses makes the sentences clear, crisp, and sound the same. Sometimes simple is better. Although Beckett is a highly advanced poet, he understands sentences and knows which form is best to get his message across to his audience.¬†They are short and to the point, if they were long, exaggerated sentences there would have a different feeling. If I broke up the sentence I just wrote with periods it would sound much different. (They are short. They are to the point. They are long. Sentences are exaggerated.)

A visual showing how success and failure go together. (photo from

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