Lulu Lemon

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Lulu Lemon is an elite work out clothing store. Specifically inspired by yoga, Lulu leggings are very comfortable and stretchy. Although they are great for yoga because they are all sweat absorbent, many people also wear them for leisure. They start at about $88 for crop leggings and can go up to $118, depending on the style and material used. Lulu Lemon was founded

photo of Chip Wilson. Net worth = 2 Billion (photo from

by Chip Wilson in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada. The store officially opened in 2000 and has been a huge success since. Lulu Lemon has come a long way, it was first designed for women to wear during yoga and then expanded to both men and women and opened the categories to running, cycling, and other exercise methods. I also think the way Lulu Lemon advertises the company by giving their customers reusable bag with their designs on it is great free marketing.

free lulu lemon bag at checkout. ( photo from

They have even become so popular that amazon now sells them. What was once a free bag you received when purchasing something at the store has turned into a huge market for Lulu Lemon. Everyone loves the bags! I see them all over D.C. and where I’m from in Los Angeles.

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