IC IC / IC IC Sentences

Yesterday I attended an event that was 4 hours long. I went to a restaurant with my family afterwards.


My professors are all very knowledgeable and wise. I would like to go to office hours to get to know them better.


I saw my cousin shopping at the mall yesterday; she was trying on a pretty red dress.


There are times where I can’t concentrate on homework; I usually listen to music instead.


If I changed around the first sentence from a period to a semi colon, it would make the two statements related. Since there is a period at the end, the two statements I made could be completely unrelated. The difference is, for the third sentence, if I put a period instead of a semi colon, the overall meaning wouldn’t make much sense. It would make it look more like a run-off sentence, because the second part doesn’t make sense without the first part attached.

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