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“Thomas Circle.” WhatWasThere. Library of Congress, n.d. Web. 05 Oct. 2016.

When I visited my site, what struck me at first was that it was in a relatively rich part of town. As a street corner where prostitutes used to be picked up, it was very surprising to see that the town had completely changed. Evidently, S Street Rising is definitely not a fairy tale kind of book. This source will connect to my project as a whole because it will show how different and developed M Street now is compared to how Ruben Castaneda described. This also proves that it is possible for a city to be overturned, to say the least. The area around Thomas Circle went from being a prostitute hotspot, to an elegant location.

“UDR Apartments 1301 Thomas Circle.” Housing Opportunity, n.d. Web. 05 Oct. 2016.

When I got to the exact address of my location, the first thing I noticed was a building with a sign that says, “Thomas Circle Apartments”. I decided to take a look inside and it was luxurious and beautiful and nothing like I expected it to be. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a view of the actual rooms, so I decided to visit the website. The website talks all about what a great neighborhood Thomas Circle is, and how convenient it is that it’s so close to such a great area and community.


“The Residences at Thomas Circle.” The Residences at Thomas Circle | Welcome | Meridian Senior Living. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Oct. 2016.

There are a multitude of residences around the area of Thomas Circle. It is no secret that in every elite community, there is usually an elite senior home. This website shows all of the senior home located on M Street and 13th Street. On Google earth, it doesn’t show the sign for the apartment until August of 2014, which means this must be relatively new. Before then, it seems like it was more of a small restaurant. The building looked a lot less polished in 2007 than it does now. It definitely has a more modern feel to it, especially with the white walls and fancy door.


“Webpage Footer for Location.” Washington, DC Hotel Near White House – Washington Plaza. N.p., 2016. Web. 09 Oct. 2016.

Just a two-minute walk from that infamous street corner was Thomas Circle, which I decided to look into. According to the source, Thomas Circle was “originally a traffic circle”, which means that it was used to slow people down and refrain drivers from driving too fast. 10 years ago, Washington D.C. put in 6 million dollars into developing this traffic circle. It now includes sidewalks, paths for pedestrians, and new landscaping. (When I saw it, I wrote down that it looked like a garden). Especially with the beautiful church in the background, Thomas circle looks like a true fairy tale to me.


“Thomas Circle Restoration Project” Government of the District of Columbia. Department of Transportation, 2005. Web. 09 Oct. 2016

It is extremely important to show the overall aura of the neighborhood in which the Thomas Circle apartments are located. This is a source with a picture taken directly standing on Thomas Circle. The statue is one made by General George Henry Thomas of John Quincy Adams. This statue brings out the overall environment of Thomas Circle. If you stand directly in front of the crosswalk, there is a beautiful sight that shows the Mayflower Hotel on the left, the National Christian City Church on the right and  this statue directly in the middle.


“Man dies after self-inflicted stabbing at Thomas Circle Park” The Washington Post. 2016. Web. 09 Oct. 2016

The first thing I noticed about this article is that it was very blunt and straightforward and made it seem like there was actually a stabbing at Thomas Circle. These are the kinds of news that I really had to dig through the Internet to find, which shows that the Thomas Circle police department really wanted these news to be buried. This is an article about a man who apparently died of a self-inflicted stab wound. Detectives are saying that this is being reported as a suicide in one of the apartment buildings. They do mention in the article that this happened near many businesses, hotels, and churches as if that was supposed to help reassure the reader that this neighborhood is still very much high class.


“A Horse at Thomas Circle.” The Washington Post. N.p, 2016. Web. 13 Oct. 2016

There is a house on Thomas Circle near Vista International Hotel on M Street where a horse was let loose. One of the first things that was described in the article is what the horse looked like. According to the man who saw the horse, “To begin with, the horse was a beauty, black and frisky.” Then, the man who saw the horse reassured the interviewer that the horse wasn’t cornered or seem to be in any distress. It seemed like they asked him to say that just to prove to everyone in that neighborhood that everything was perfectly fine in that neighborhood. After a few confused people looked at the horse, the horse started walking back to his grass by himself, without any help. The police arrived shortly after to help put the horse back where it belongs.


“National City Christian Church – National Church of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).” National City Christian Church. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Dec. 2016.

This is the website to the National City Christian Church. Community involvement is always an integral part of a society, and much of the involvement by the inhabitants of Thomas Circle is through the church. On the website of the church, there are many upcoming activities, as well as some beautiful pictures of the church which I was lucky enough to go visit myself. There is even an hour-by-hour schedule of what is going on at the church, which shows the amount of people that attend these events. The National City Christian Church is obviously the center of the community. Aside from the future events, there is also a description of all past events that the church has sponsored.

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