Gender Inclusive Bathrooms at American University


This sign may or may not be a controversial topic to some people. To me personally, it makes me feel all happy and giddy on the inside that finally, in 2016, we are starting to accept all people despite what gender they identify with. It makes me even happier because this is a sign posted by my university, my home for the next four years.

This sign explains that all genders are welcome in the restrooms. No matter what gender you identify with, this bathroom is open to everyone no matter what. I love how they included in the second paragraph that this may be new to some people and that’s okay. It’s okay that some people aren’t used to the idea of sharing a bathroom with someone of the opposite gender, or someone that doesn’t identify with them. There is also an option to lock the door in case you are uncomfortable, which is very nice. This sign is very supportive of what everyone believes. It doesn’t say that one opinion is wrong compared to another, or that this is the way things should be. It is simply asking for people to be open to new ideas.

Housing and dining programs are the ones who put out this message. This proves that the entire American University organization was entirely supportive of making this happen, which I’m sure makes someone who may be insecure about their gender identity feel much more confident and safe in this place. This sign doesn’t only show that all genders can use the bathroom together, but that American University is inclusive of all genders, races, ethnicities, etc. AU is accepting.

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