Who is “us”?

“Across the United States, you can hear calls for us to revitalize our national competitiveness. But wait—who is “us”? Is it IBM, Motorola, Whirlpool, and General Motors? Or is it Sony, Thomson, Philips, and Honda?” – Robert Reich

Robert Reich makes a valid argument in his article, “Who is Us?”. Reich argues that although it is very important for a cooperation to be established, it is just as important to open our borders to the people who’d like to work as a part of this cooperation. For example, there are millions of investors around the world that are willing to make American companies so much better, but there are places that still won’t accept them based solely on the fact that they are not “waving the American flag.” It is important to understand that an American cooperation is never fully an American cooperation. With all of the great minds and people overseas, every product that is made in the United States has some influence (if not A LOT of influence) from another country. For example, it is incredible the amount of pieces in the iPhone that are produced by companies abroad. In fact, the entire design of the iPhone 7 was designed in Israel.

Reich would definitely not agree with Trump’s assertion that Apple should manufacture the iPhone and other devices here in the United States. Reich would argue that Trump doesn’t understand that pretty much the majority of the iPhone is manufactured somewhere in Japan, or China, and being taken over by companies on a global scale. It is not realistic to tell Apple that they can only produce their products from the United States because in that case, it won’t be half as good as a product created with the help of companies worldwide. The pieces, design, and overall environment of the phone would be nothing like it is now.

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