Steve Jobs

“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.” -Steve Jobs

One of the qualities that were imperative to his success in the Apple Company is his need for perfection. As a perfectionist, Jobs immediately turned to his staff to be the best that they can be. If he did not like a product or an idea, he would shut it down completely and make his team start over. Another one of his quality is his ego. Although this may seem like a bad quality to have, it was very important in Jobs’ case to show who’s boss. When he was making decisions, he was always right. Even when he did such as turning down an offer from a company such as Adobe, he always came up with a better idea. It turned out that in the end, he didn’t even need any of their products, because he made his own! (I.e. iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto etc…). The third quality that was important for his success is his motivation. Ever since he’s been working with his father in mechanics, he was always motivated to be the best (whether it’s proving his dad wrong or making new technological advancements).

        His environment was also a big factor in his success. First, the fact that he was adopted did change a lot of things in his life. Jobs has said that finding out he was adopted made him feel different than the others around him. He felt like he had to prove himself to others. Jobs also didn’t make friends easily, which was another factor. The people that he did make friends with stuck with him throughout his whole production of Apple Company since they were all computer and technology people. The third factor was his economic stance. His parents had to work very hard for their living and when he went off to college, he started to feel bad for wasting his parents’ money, since he didn’t want to take the class anyway. Long story short, Steve Jobs was a troublemaker who turned his life around to become a billionaire.

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