Gender Neutral Bathrooms



In her article, “Making Bathrooms More ‘Accommodating’”,  Emily Bazelon argues that it is important to realize that at this point, it is important to realize that genders are no longer only male and female. She also explains that this also applies to people who may not have been born as a certain gender, but identify as another. Transgender people are trying to stop society’s ways of thinking about gender bathrooms. Everyone knows how uncomfortable and borderline humiliating it is to walk into the wrong bathroom. This is an understandable request since it would put to ease how uncomfortable it is to go to the “wrong gender” restroom. Since it is 2016, transgenders have been much more accepted in common spaces and public facilities, but unfortunately it is still an issue that many people are struggling with to this day. In fact, it gets so bad in some places that there was actually a riot in Houston in which a group of people protested against gender neutral bathrooms. They even wore shirts that said, “No Men in Women’s Bathrooms.” This shows just how much of a commitment people have to leave things the way that they have always been.  

It is a little ironic how most schools have no problem calling people by their preferred pronouns and letting them join sports of the gender that they identify with, but have a problem with changing bathrooms to make them more accommodating to all genders. How are these people supposed to know which locker room to change in after a soccer game? How are they expected to accept their own identity if their own school is refusing to let them use the bathroom they prefer? It is more than important for activists and the general population to advocate for the rights of transgender people. Although it may be true that it is becoming more and more acceptable, our society is nowhere near becoming a completely inclusive community. There are even extremist groups whose sole purpose is to destroy the rights of the transgender people.




Emily Bazelon also talks about how using the word “accommodating” can be negative. Accommodating means that something has to change, and that people have to settle down for this change whether they like it or not. This isn’t a positive way of thinking about gender-neutral bathrooms. This movement shouldn’t be looked on as something that is bad and needs to change, but rather as how important it is to improve a way of life that is inclusive to everyone. I do understand how it can sometimes be tough for some people to understand the whole process of being transgender, but that doesn’t give one the right to be completely against it to the point that one can’t even deal with having a female-identifying woman in a women’s bathroom.

For women, at least, a bathroom is not a place you go to just to literally go to the bathroom. This is where ladies go to chat with their friends, fix their hair, do their makeup, and just be with each other.  If one doesn’t let another into their identifying bathroom, not only are they taking away the rights to use the bathroom, but also the rights to be a part of the female-identifying lifestyle.

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