Breaking Gender Norms

In her article, “His & Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society,” Suzanne Tick argues that gender-neutral design is incredibly important for the kind of society that we live in today as all societies go through the transition of becoming more and more accepting of gender fluidity. Traditional gender roles are revolutionizing and no longer being seen the same way. To this day, the design landscape of many designers out there are still being seen through a male perspective. It is widely known that since the beginning of time, men have had the upperhand when it came to power, and that still lasts to this day. Suzanne Tick’s goal is to achieve a design that is not based on a man’s perspective.


Fortunately, there are many celebrities and high-ranking people that have brought to life the same concern that Suzanne Tick is describing. Famous people such as Emma Watson (I attached her speech from ‘He for She,” where she talks about the inequality of the LGBT community) have exposed the world to the unacceptable treatment of LGBTQ+ individuals. This opened the eyes of the public and helped them to understand why it is so important to make sure that every person is treated with the same rights. As women have started to take power more and more, it is seen that the hierarchies are starting to crash down.


Although design is well on its track to becoming more accepting, fashion and beauty have already started to take the steps to becoming less gender specific. This wasn’t mentioned in the article because it was before it came out, but recently, Covergirl Magazine came out with a new issue, and their covergirl (pictured above) is a beautiful male-identifying individual totally rocking that makeup. This happened earlier in 2016, and caused an outrage within many people internationally, but it also caused people to open their eyes and see that at this time, it’s okay for men to do traditionally “feminine” things and vice versa.

Big companies have also begun to take big steps in becoming gender-neutral. A corporation like Google have started to adopt unisex bathrooms, which allows for people of all genders to feel safe, comfortable and included. It is obvious that there is much more advancements that need to be made regarding the acceptance of the LGBTQ community.

Moral of the story, it should not matter whether or not you believe that these people deserve their rights. What matters is that no matter what, all people are treated the same and not oppressed for the way they identify.

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