2.0 with Cass Sunstein

In his book, 2.0, Cass Sunstein makes the argument that instead of uniting the people; social media is only dividing us apart. Social media is a place where every individual has the liberty to express their beliefs and thoughts without any repercussions. According to Sunstein, this is not a positive thing. There will always be a group on social media that band together because they all have the same beliefs, especially in a political setting. It is hard to understand opposite sides of the spectrum when one is only exposed to the people that they identify the most with, which means that someone who is not open to democracy will end up never becoming open to democracy and therefore biased to their own perspectives. Also, social media is a platform for many extreme groups such as terrorism. This platform is used to recruit members as well as exploit social media.

The National Democratic Institute would refute Sunstein’s argument and instead say that technology and the use of social networks is imperative because it helps to start movements and show the government that the people can be just as involved in decision making as someone who works within the government. Owning social media helps with advocating social issues and raising awareness about events.

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