The corner of 13th street and M. Street is not just a street corner. At first, I was confused as to what I would write about the interior of my location, then, when I went to visit my site, I realized that there were many buildings in the area that I was eager to explore. This is very different from what Ruben Castaneda described in his book, S Street Rising. Although Castaneda talked mostly about the exterior of the location, I am positive that if this was a street corner where many prostitutes were being picked up, it would not have all of the buildings and elegant apartments that I saw nearby.


When I got to the exact address of my location, the first thing I noticed when I looked up was a building with a sign that says, “Thomas Circle Apartments”. This sign was located right in front of a beautiful brick building, which was very surprising to see.  I decided to take a look inside and it was luxurious and beautiful and nothing like I expected it to be. The atmosphere felt friendly, welcoming, and the opposite of what was expected. I went to the front desk and told them about my project, but the woman working there must have been having a bad day, because she just looked at me with a blank stare and told me to check the website. So unfortunately, I was unable to get a view of the actual rooms (although I’m sure they are as beautiful as described on the website), and I decided to take the woman’s advice, and visit the website. The website talks all about what a great neighborhood Thomas Circle is, and how convenient it is that it’s so close to such a great area and community. In fact, it is noted on the website that there are very wealthy residents that live in the area. Although Castaneda does not talk much about the interior of this location, with  his description of the exterior, it is pretty obvious that the inside of these buildings are nothing like they used to be.


This is what the building looks like currently


This is what the building looks currently

This is what the building looked like in 2007


On Google earth, it doesn’t show the sign for the apartment until August of 2014, which means this building must be relatively new. Before then, it seems like it was more of a small restaurant. The building looked a lot less polished in 2007 than it does now. As seen from the pictures above, there is definitely someone that is taking care of the building. It definitely has a more modern feel to it, especially with the white walls and fancy door.


I walked a little bit further to Thomas Circle, where the National City Christian Church is located. The inside of the church was mesmerizing. There were columns that went all the way up to the ceiling, and it was obvious by the looks of the people attending the church service that they were of very high class.