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Rhetoric in DC- An Introduction

There is uncovered history everywhere. In every little suspecting place, whether you are in a major city such as Washington DC, or just walking down the street in your own neighborhood, there is rhetoric that can be uncovered in every… Continue Reading →

Riggs Street: An Interior, Exterior, and Digital Investigation

The Shaw neighborhood has become much more than just a trendy area in downtown DC. Riggs street may seem small, maybe even insignificant, especially when looking at the streets that surround it such as S street and 14th street. But… Continue Reading →

The Commonplace Book- A Collection of Quotes and Analyzation of Sentence Structure

#1- Georgia Referendum to Amend State Constitution “Shall Property owned by the University System of Georgia and utilized by providers of college and university student housing and other facilities continue to be exempt from taxation to keep costs affordable?” The… Continue Reading →

Built Environment Desciption: An Annotated Bibliography

Here are some of the sources I have used to delve into the history and people of Shaw. In this bibliography you will find a review of the sources, along with a summary and its credibility. Meyer, Eugene L. “Washington’s… Continue Reading →

Gender Neutral Bathrooms- The New Norm?

“Accommodations” In Public Spaces One of the most popular debates of the 21st century has been about an unsuspecting subject- bathrooms. Though it once seemed fairly simple; one bathroom for men and another for women, the growing public presence and… Continue Reading →

Who Lives on Riggs Street?

Who Lives on Riggs Street? The interior of a Riggs Street apartment is just as diverse as the colors the townhouses are painted in. The Shaw neighborhood is as diverse as ever, a mixed bag of young influential professionals, and… Continue Reading →

A Small Street In Northwest DC Today

  Today, walking down Riggs Street in Shaw neighborhood of Northwest Washington, you might not think much of the rows of town houses, besides the bright colors of the houses that liven up the look of the street. Located in… Continue Reading →

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