About Me

Hello! Welcome to my Honors ePortfolio!

While I am originally from the Chicago suburbs, I am really enjoying my first year here in Washington, D.C. I am an undergraduate student at American University studying in School of Communication. I intend to major in Broadcast Journalism and minor in Spanish Communication. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to study abroad in Madrid, Spain within the next four years so that I can improve my fluency in the spanish language.

As a member of the Honors Program at American University, I do graphic design work for the program office. I help create flyers, logos, and promotional advertising.

Additionally, I play club soccer at American University and enjoy traveling with my team along the east coast. The opportunities to meet new people while playing a semi-competitive sport in college is so rewarding.


Long-Term Goals


  • Study abroad in Spain so that I can continue to learn the spanish language and culture.
  • Work with a professor or academic on a research project in the media field in order to gain real world experience.
  • Graduate American University, with honors, in the Spring of 2018 with a Broadcast Journalism major and Spanish language minor.


  • Participate in at least one internship program relating to the journalism field. Hopefully at a broadcasting station.
  • Secure a steady job using my degree in broadcasting and using my spanish within the first six months of graduation.
  • Develop interview skills in order to strengthen my likelihood of starting a career.


  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balance of exercise and healthy eating.
  • Develop strong friendships in college that will remain with me.

Semester Goals


  • Visit each of my professors office hours at least once to introduce myself
  • Take all opportunities to rewrite essays or retake tests in order to better learn the material and increase my score.


  • Have a meeting with my academic advisor and talk about options for internships and jobs.
  • Get a job where I can make money to put towards a study abroad program.


  • Balance my time between school, friends, soccer, and other activities.

Mentor Network

Michael Youngborg

Honors Counselor

Current Position

Student Staff Assistant in the Honors Office: Graphic Designer

Major/Minor/Certificate Program

B.A. , Journalism (Broadcast)

Minor , Spanish Language