Honors Community Meeting: Values

After discussing the topic of values with my peers I realized how different we are. We all ranked a list of 25 values in order of their importance to us: which was no small task. In the end, my top 5 values included family, integrity, responsibility, friendship, and equality. This wide scatter varied greatly from some of the other students I spoke with. Family and friendship are two things that make me happy and feel whole. My decisions are often effected by those two values. Integrity, responsibility and equality are three things I expect from myself and from the people around me. I think encompassing those three values allow for people to interact positively with everyone around them. I realized that my values, while important, will conflict with my peers. It is important that I learn to accept what makes everyone around me who they are. While my family holds the most important role in my life, that may not be the case for everyone around me. Therefore, I need to respect their values as I hope that they respect mine. Moving forward from this activity I hope to carry with me the importance of understanding where other people come from and realize that even with different morals we can still live and work peacefully.

One thought on “Honors Community Meeting: Values

  1. Hey Kelly,

    I want to push you to consider this activity with more depth. In addition to the five values you list: family, friendship, integrity, responsibility, and equality, you also are implying that you value tolerance (“It is important that I learn to accept…”), pleasure, and belonging or recognition (“…make me happy and feel whole.”). Where did these three values rank for you?

    Your post also makes me wonder whether peace is missing from motivational values. Would you agree? Why or why not?

    Additionally, can you speak a little bit more to how integrity, responsibility, and equality position individuals for positive interaction with their community around them? What does it look like to engage with the world with these values as a lens? How do these values play out in your academic experience here at AU?

    Thanks for posting!


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