About Me


Hi there!

My name is Katherine Raiano, and I’m an undergraduate at American University in Washington DC majoring in political science. As a New Hampshire native, my interest in politics started by working on a presidential campaign during the 2020 New Hampshire primary. Since then I’ve volunteered for multiple progressive organizations pushing for campaign finance reform and educational equality.

As a student at the AU School of Public Affairs, I have had the opportunity to learn about the structures and leadership of public affairs and administration through rigorous research projects and strategic thinking. I have furthered my interest in public affairs by joining the Roosevelt, a progressive political union, and the World Politics Society. Through my time in Washington, I hope to learn more about the historical context, structures, and political forces that contribute to the issues we’ve discussed in order to learn how to create meaningful change at the federal and state levels.

Aside from national politics, I engage in community activities like registering students in my high school to vote, and lifeguarding at the town pool. I also enjoy hiking in the White Mountains, and I’m excited about climate advocacy happening at AU that will fight to preserve spaces like this.