1. Attached here is my final project report, detailing both my research from the Fall 2020 Semester and the project I implemented during the Spring 2021 Semester. Final Project Report SPA-362
  2. Here are my reflections on the leadership theories we explored this semester, how I experienced them, and how I want to emulate them in my own life.

In terms of the leadership theories I experienced in my research, project, and this year as a whole, I think that servant leadership was the biggest influence and one of the biggest concepts in my experience in the leadership program. Being a servant leader is something that I’ve been taught since elementary school, and it was a prominent theme throughout my education at a Jesuit high school. My project dealt with the US response to global poverty and how it can be improved and increased, and servant leadership plays a very prominent role in the global response to poverty, primarily in developing countries. Servant leadership prioritizes sacrifice and empathy, and as citizens of such a wealthy country, we all need to be servant leaders in our support of our global neighbors who do not have the same privileges we are afforded. I also really believe that my TA, Noelle, was a servant leader for all of her students because she was always putting amazing effort into everything she did in relation to that role, as well as always sacrificing her time and effort for us to have a better experience. I hope to continue to emulate the philosophy and the principles of servant leadership in my own life, as I think it is the best leadership theory. I believe that people who accept and serve in leadership roles need to put the people they work with first because leadership should be based on communal values and recognizing the strengths and areas for growth in every member of the team.