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About Me

I’m Kristin Thompson; I’m majoring in Spanish and minoring in Chinese (I’m potentially double majoring in Women and Gender Studies or in Arabic). After college, I hope to secure a position in translation and interpretation for Spanish and Chinese. I’m also heavily interested in Gay and Trans Rights initiatives, as I’m heavily involved in AU’s Queers and Allies organization and participated in many LGBTQ clubs and organizations in high school. I hope to study abroad in Beijing and Mexico while at AU so that I can improve my fluency in Chinese and Spanish, respectively. In the future, I’d like to do research regarding women’s and queer experiences in Latin America and urban areas of China.

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1.  My Long-Term Goals


  • Get a national merit award to do research in Chinese language and Spanish literature
  • Study abroad in Beijing so that I can improve my proficiency in Chinese language
  • Become fluent in Spanish and Chinese
  • Professional: Gain skills necessary to enter the professional field of translation and interpretation


  • Develop my skills in public speaking and networking

2.  My Semester Goals


  • Talk to the Office of Merit Awards about fellowships that pay for graduate school (Tied to graduate school long-term goal)
  • Take a course in Women’s and Gender Studies to see whether interested in that major.


  • Have an informational interview with Chinese/Spanish Language department chair to see what career options are possible in that major.
  • Apply for internship in the field of  translation or interpretation for Spanish or Chinese; LGTBQ resource center coordinator


  • Sign up for workshops that help me develop my skills in time management and public speaking

Mentor Network

You’ll soon start developing a network of mentors from among faculty and staff at AU. As you develop those mentor relationships, list those names here. To start, include your assigned Honors Counselor as the first member of your mentor network.

Current Position

E-board member for Allies’ Initiative for AU’s Queers and Allies organization; member of AU’s Student /Worker Alliance

Major/Minor/Certificate Program

Major: Spanish, potential double major w/ Women and Gender Studies or Arabic Minor: Chinese