Community Meeting 1/25/14

The community meeting activity on motivations and values was enlightening. I had never considered just how much one’s morals could effect one’s problem solving abilities or even priorities when approaching problems. My top five priorities were tolerance, justice, equality, compassion, and helping. Given my top five priorities, I know that when approaching a problem, I’m likely to do so much more easily if I’m working with a team. One downside, though, is that I may put other’s ideas for solving problems above my own. In some cases, this may be a hindrance to my willingness to take risks and offer my ideas to approaching a problem. But on a lighter note, since I am very aware of this habit I can go into group projects, labs, etc, reminding myself that my opinions and ideas matter and are just as good as others’ ideas. People should know that I’m very willing to work with groups and do so happily. Although some of my values make it hard for me to voice my opinions, my values regarding justice and equality are great ones, for I know that when approaching a problem, I will always do what is right and what is fair.

One thought on “Community Meeting 1/25/14

  1. Hi Kristen!

    I’m so impressed by the way you utilized the motivational values activity to help you locate your weaknesses. I’m also impressed that you’ve not only identified how to reinterpret your weakness as a strength and as an asset, and taken a step farther to consider how to use your self-awareness to help you achieve success.

    Where did risk end up on your list? You’ve said that you will remind yourself that you have valid and important contributions to make, (which is absolutely true!) but can you describe that in terms of motivational values? Which values are you going to prioritize in your approach to problem solving in the coming spring months?

    Great post, Kristen! Thanks.


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