About Me

I am a student that seeks academic and professional experience, specifically in institutions and organizations that are interested in working with students to further develop their applicable skill sets. Being a part of such an organization is the main reason I came to DC and one of my favorite aspects of the city. I align my thinking to that of a young professional and conduct myself in a manner that is respectful, responsible, and inclusive of peoples from all different backgrounds.

I have prided myself on my ability to take a leadership role for as long as I can remember. I have had peers, educators, and experienced leaders compliment my ability to take initiative in delegating responsibilities, developing goals, and ensuring the completion of these projects in a collaborative setting. I am currently a part of an elite program at American University, through the School of Public Affairs that further develop skills of young professionals as well as teach new abilities that encourage them to be leaders in their future endeavors. My leadership abilities go hand-in-hand with my strong oral communication skills, including my abilities as a public speaker.

Although my exact long-term goals are just coming into focus, I know that I want my career to belong to an organization or institution that allows me to use my unique skill set and work with other talented individuals on projects that positively affect the aforementioned entity and/or factors outside of that entity.