About Me

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Replace this image with a high resolution head shot. Alternatively, add a nice picture here that represents your core values. Delete this text once done.

To Do:

  1. Replace the picture above with your professional head shot.
  2. Examine the About Me pages for professionals in your industry of interest noting how they express their goals and skills.
  3. Create an effective About Me page that states your academic and professional goals.
  4. Think through the following 3 guiding questions to help you formulate your goals.
    • What are my gifts?
    • How would I like to further develop them?
    • How do I want to apply them in the world?
  5. Click on “Customize” in the theme options and then “Site Identity” to change the title of your site to your first and last name, replacing “SPA Leadership Portfolio.”
  6. Once you’ve completed all these steps, be sure to delete this “To Do” Section as well as the “Examples” section below, replacing them both with your own content.

Examples of “About Me” pages from professionals in different industries:

You’ll find that by reading these “About Me” pages, you’ll learn how each of these professionals answers the three questions posed above.