Nourished Performance

For High School Athletes


Programs designed especially for high school athletes to reduce the risk of RED-S (relative energy deficiency in sport) and promote short- and long-term health and athletic success


What is RED-S?

Our Programs:

Nourished Performance - Individual

Perfect for the high school athlete who wants to take charge of their health and performance and learn how to properly fuel their body for success. Designed to be affordable for individual use.

Nourished Performance - Team

Designed for team use, this package includes everything that the individual package does, plus fun group activities like cooking competitions and grocery store scavenger hunts.

Custom Designed Program

Like what you see but think your team would benefit from something a little more unique? We can design and customize the perfect program for your team.

How It Works:

Step 1

Find the program that is right for you


Step 2

Watch the videos, complete the activities, apply what you learn into your daily life


Step 3:

Watch your performance and health improve!

  Meet Kristin!

Hi there, my name is Kristin and I’m the creator of the Nourished Performance programs. I started running 18 years ago and to date have run 20 marathons and 1 ultra. When I started my running journey back in high school, I, like so many other young athletes, fell into a pattern of disordered eating in a misguided attempt to manipulate my body to run and look faster. As the years passed and my training increased, I came to realize through a combination of education and experience that food is fuel for the body. I altered my nutrition, was kind to my body, and am now running faster and farther in my 30’s than I did in high school.

Looking back at my experience, I realize there was and still is a gap in nutrition education in high school. Lack of education and societal/peer pressure to look a certain way puts our young athletes at risk. I want to help fill that gap. In 2018, I quit my corporate job, went back to school, earned my Master’s of Science in Nutrition Education from American University and Nourished Performance was born.


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