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Lydia Crouthamel

Long-Term Goals


  • Graduate with a GPA that reflects hard work and success over the course of my college career.
  • Study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country in order to achieve fluency in the language.
  • Become entirely proficient in Spanish and learn another language.


  • Have a job secured by graduation.
  • Gain the experience and skills necessary to enter the publishing industry.
  • Get at least two internships before graduation.


  • Develop my skills in oral presentation delivery.
  • Develop ability that will help me to succeed in the businessworld, particularly through networking.



Semester Goals


  • Learn business skills and improve Spanish proficiency.
  • Complete my undergraduate math requirement.


  • Have an informational interview with department chair to see what career options are possible in the publishing industry.
  • Work on networking by talking to professors and people in the area that could help me in the future.
  • Apply for internship in the field of publishing.


  • Join clubs and gain positions on campus that will improve my resume as I search for my first internship.

Mentor Network

You’ll soon start developing a network of mentors from among faculty and staff at AU. As you develop those mentor relationships, list those names here. To start, include your assigned Honors Counselor as the first member of your mentor network.

Current Position

Member of KMA, assitant copy-editor for AmLit Staff, assistant events coordinator and writer for AWOL staff, tutor of English to Spanish-speaking Aramark employees on campus.

Major/Minor/Certificate Program

Major: Business, Language, and Culture (Spanish)

Intended minor: Chinese Language