Field Notes: O Street Market, 10/2

  • O Street Market is now a Giant, connected to a relatively new-construction part of the building
    • false brick and 19th-century “street lights” to try to match the original architecture
  • Across O st: 1330 apts w/ nail salon, dry cleaners, barber shop, and beauty supply retailer in ground level
  • across 7th st: Rec center, complete w/ large glass windows and brand new playground
  • this whole neighborhood has a strange juxtaposition of 19th century brick and new apartments; streets and sidewalks are half-finished and there is construction everywhere
  • walking from the metro to the corner of 7th and O, I witnessed a seemingly homeless man trying to flag down a police officer on a bicycle- the man was shouting, “excuse me officer, I have to report something, I’d like to report something” and the officer did not even slow down, just put up a flat palm to the man and kept riding
  • I’ve seen about 4 different kinds of people:
    • middle-aged black men, usually in groups of 2 or 3, talking about exclusively sports and work
    • young women by themselves, in full athleisure (2 carried yoga mats strapped to their back)
    • younger couples, usually white, holding hands/arms wrapped around each other
    • smartly dressed men, presumably in their late 20s or early 30s
  • the most present sounds are singing/playing children and the brakes of trucks and buses
  • lots of dogs!

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