Common Place Referendum

“Shall Property owned by the University System of Georgia and utilized by providers of college and university student housing and other facilities continue to be exempt from taxation to keep costs affordable?”


The rhetorical implications of this phrase are extremely interesting. From this we can deduct that the sender or encoder of this sentence is the University system of Georgia and that they are writing to the constituents that are to vote on this bill. However it is clear that  phrase contains a plethora of fluff language in order to confuse the reader and distort the definition of the sentence. It is clear that this is done purposefully in order to sway voters to vote for this amendment, because when the sentence is deconstructed to its simplest terms it reads University exempt from tax, which in essence is something that voters would not agree on, however the modifiers “to keep costs affordable,” and “student housing” makes it seem that it for a good cause. When in reality this is to reduce costs of the property in order to benefit the University System rather than the citizens or the students. The rhetorical implications are clear and even though it is morally incorrect one cannot disregard how well hidden the true implications and goals of the referendum are.


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