About Lauren

I am a student at American University located in Washington D.C. studying political science. Before arriving in Washington, I lived in Truckee, California as well as Cupertino, California.

I strive to push my communities to be the best that they can be. I see the possibilities for improvement and tirelessly sprint towards them. I am particularly passionate about education. Having grown up in two very different cities only three hours away from each other, I have witnessed firsthand the disparities in American public schools. Both schools I attended lacked important aspects of a safe and productive school environment.

Cupertino struggled with providing a comprehensive sex-ed curriculum for its students. I volunteered for the Cupertino Union School district as a member of a task force advising the board on a sex-ed curriculum. Working with parents, teachers, and administrators I provided the student perspective and advocated for constructive and comprehensive sex-ed in schools.

Last year I lived In Truckee California and found other troubling patterns in the high school. There I advised teachers on creating a more challenging and engaging curriculum. I also worked with school administration to put a stop to anti-semitic acts carried out on campus and in classrooms as well as create measures to prevent future acts.

Going forward I hope to continue learning about my environment and how it can improve.