About Lori

Lori Younissess is an Armenian student born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. Her bicultural heritage has given her the opportunity to grow up learning four languages: Arabic, Armenian, English, and French, as well develope a passion for cross-cultural communication, international relations, and human rights.

In August 2017, she moved to Washington, DC to pursue her undergraduate degree at American University under the Emerging Global Leaders Scholarship. She is currently a sophomore studying International Relations with a concentration in Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Policy; she is minoring in Law and Society, as well as working towards a certification in Advanced Leadership Training.

Lori is a part of AU Scholars Program: a 2-year research program that allows students to develop their research skills through experiential learning, different methodologies, and various research projects. Additionally, Lori is in the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program. During her freshman year, she worked with a group of six peers in order to study the separation of church and state within the United States, and how that can affect an individual’s patriotism. This year, she will be working on her own social action project regarding access to mental health for low-income students on college campuses.

Through the School of International Service Olson Scholars program, Lori will be conducting her independent research this year on the how domestic laws can become a barrier to implementing international human rights laws. Explore this website to learn more about her research!