Accessible Blues

A list of blue hues tested for formatting accessible text, headings, and links.

WCAG Accessible Blues
Swatch Name Hex RGB Background*
TCTC Blue Color Swatch TCTC Blue #007eb3 0, 126, 179 B&W
Akea Blue Color Swatch Akea Blue #0c79c5 12, 121, 197 B&W
AMCE Blue Color Swatch AMCE Blue #128086 18, 128, 16 BL&W
OLEB Blue Color Swatch OLEB Blue #4f71c5 79, 113, 197 B&W

*B is for Black. W is for White. B&W is for Black and White. BL is for Large Text on Black. WL is for Large Text on White.

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