Accessible Purples

Color contrast is not just about choosing the right colors, it is also about choosing the right text size. Some colors only work for large text while others can work for small and large text

  • Small Text: There is no definition for small text. 12 pt (16 px) is the best practice for smallest accessible text size.
  • Large text: 18 pt (24 px) or larger, 14 pt bold (18 px) or larger.
WCAG Accessible Purples, WCAG, Level AA
Background Color Swatch Hex Code RGB White Text Size Black Text Size
Hadley Purple Color Swatch #c2427B 194, 66, 123 Small & Large Large Only
Ashford Purple Color Swatch #c44099 196, 64, 153 Small & Large Small & Large
Hadley Purple Revised Color Swatch #c44A81 196, 74, 129 Small & Large Small & Large

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