Plain Text Email

If you are sending an email from your phone, you may not have access to text formatting options. WCAG 2.1 includes a few techniques for improving the accessibility of plain text content.

Formatting Paragraphs

Include one line space between paragraphs, a full stop.

Formatting Lists

  • For bulleted lists, use an asterisk * or a dash –
  • For Numbered lists use one of the following formats:
    • Number followed by a period or a closed parenthesis, e.g. 1. or 1)
    • Upper case letter followed by a period or a close parenthesis, e.g. A. or A)
    • Roman Numerals (use lowercase) followed by a period, e.g. i., ii., iii., iv., etc.

Formatting Headings

Include two line spaces above headings and one line below (except if followed by a new heading).

Example Text Email

Example of a plain text email where headings are preceded by 2 line spaces, paragraphs by one line space, and bulleted list items bay a dash.

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