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Audio and Video Accessibility Chart

A concise list of all WCAG 1.2, Time-based Media Guidelines for audio and video.

Note: in order to meet level AAA requirements for a specific media, all level A and AA for that media must be met first.

Audio and Video Accessibility Chart
Num. Level Type Media Requirements
1.2.1 A Pre-recorded Audio and Video-only Transcript for Audio. Transcript or Audio Descriptions for Video-only.
1.2.2 A Pre-recorded Video Captions
1.2.3 A Pre-recorded Video Transcript or Audio


1.2.4 AA Live Video Captions
1.2.5 AA Pre-recorded Video Audio Descriptions
1.2.6 AA Pre-recorded Audio Sign Language
1.2.7 AAA Pre-recorded Video Extended Audio Descriptions
1.2.8 AAA Pre-recorded Video Transcript
1.2.9 AAA Live Audio Captions