About Me

I am a Lebanese-Armenian international student whose bicultural heritage has led her to develop a passion and curiosity for exploring the exciting world of international relations, law, and human rights in four different languages (Arabic, Armenian, English, and French).

I am currently a junior studying International Relations with a concentration in Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Policy, and a second major in Law and Society with a certificate in Advanced Leadership Training under the Emerging Global Leader Scholarship, AU’s only full-ride international scholarship awarded to only one out of 1250 applicants a year.

As part of the SPA Leadership Program, I have worked on my individual social action project regarding access to mental health resources on college campuses. I was also one of the interclass and community coordinators in charge of organizing buddy pairings and fostering a sense of community between the students of the program. We like to believe that SPA Leadership is more than just an academic program and we strive to make people feel like they are part of a family. Currently, I am a second year Teaching Assistant guiding six sophomores with their individual social action projects.

Through the School of International Service Olson Scholars program, I conducted an independent research on the how countries avoid complying to international law by utilizing the vagueness of the definition of terrorism.

Moreover, I have worked with various professors on different research projects. I have worked with Dr. Kimberly Cowell-Meyers on her research project on gender quotas on corporate and legislative boards across Europe. I have also worked with Dr. Korneliya Bachiyska on data collection regarding conflict prevention in the Middle East.

I have interned at the Middle East institute and am currently working at Guidepost Solutions as a research intern.

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Email: loriyounissess@gmail.com

Phone: +1 (202) 705-5818