New Yorkers Keep New York Safe

The image above is a post 9/11 campaign in New York City, “If you see something, say something,” was a response to the 2001 World Trade Center attack. The poster above can be found in New York city’s areas of public transportation, like train stations, bus stops, and  airports. “New Yorkers Keep New York Safe” is a slogan addressing New Yorkers to be vigilant, but also setting the example that every New Yorker comes in all ages, shapes, color, and sizes by providing images 8 x 4 images of different types of New Yorkers. The key to this advertisement is to acknowledge that anybody can essentially look like a New Yorker, but it also places the responsibility on everyone to do their part and be vigilant of any mysterious packages. The repetition of New Yorker is a rhetorical term known as anaphora, which the repetition of the beginning of the phrase.  The effect of repeating “New Yorker” enables the reader, most likely a New Yorker to associate the “If you see something, say something,” with themselves, and the ad places a sense of responsibility for New Yorkers to keep the metropolitan area safe, which addresses New Yorks ethnic diversity.

The “If you see something, say something,” campaign originally began in New York City, but since has expanded to other metropolitan cities like Washington D.C.  The expansion of the campaign can be accredited to many reasons, but I believe two main reasons is the rise of domestic terrorism and the effective use of epistrophe in the slogan, ” If you see something, say something” the repetition of “something” is effective because it is clear to the public anything that seems out of place can be viewed with suspicion, which is also enforced by the image which illustrates a black bag sitting unattended.  Also, the slogan is short, striking, and a memorable phrase has been an effective way for addressing terrorism in the NYC tri-state area, which has caught in other respective metropolitan areas for the risk of a potential attack.


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