M.A. Cuddi’s Back Story

The image above is of my father, Luis Arroyave, and I In front of the Supreme Court during his first visit to Washington D.C. 


“Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be.”

~ Rick Warren


Where I’m From


Where I am :

I’m a freshman at American University majoring in Public Health.  I plan to minor in public policy, then after I graduate I plan to pursue a career in health policy in protecting the rights for medicaid beneficiaries living in nursing homes.

I am a Colombian American from Jersey City, NJ, the nations most culturally diverse city. In fact, I took my diverse bubble for granted, and once I came to college at American University I soon realized that my upbringing was not representative of the majority of Americans. Throughout the past ten months I’ve grown tremendously both academically and mentally. It was here at American University that I was referred to as a person of color, which enabled me to understand how I am perceived to society. It took me a while to find my niche, but now I am happy to share I have found my niche. In the past ten month’s I have taken this opportunity to explore my interests and learn my limits.

I have been fortunate to meet other people from New Jersey, but unfortunately I have not been able to completely relate to them. Perhaps it is because Jersey city associates itself more with New York City, or perhaps it is the disparities within socioeconomic backgrounds? I’m not sure what it is, but what I do know is that I use to get excited when meeting a person from New Jersey. I quickly realized I  actually enjoy spending time with people different from me. Thus, I tend to gravitate towards all different kinds of people.

It’s been one hell of an educational experience, one year down hopefully three more years to go!


Where I Want To Be… 


What I’ve Done In & Outside of class: 

In my College Writing 101  class with professor Hunter Hoskins I have had the distinct opportunity to explore rhetoric through space.  Through this course I was able to explore Shaw, Washington DC, and analyze it’s rhetorical situation through history and my first hand account observation.  Also, I increased my knowledge in the power of rhetoric, and use of rhetoric through mapping commonplaces.  I explored Shaw, Washington through news articles, scholarly journals, food menus, etc. and digital archives in multiple mediums– Essay 1, Mapping Common Places through the creation of a YouTube video, and the creation of an Instagram Page.

Straight to Links:

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Interesting facts about me:

1.) I am the youngest out of three siblings

2.) I’ve been an aunt for more than a decade

3.) Some sports I enjoy playing and watching: Track (200x),  soccer, tennis, hand ball, and fencing

4.) I was raised by a village

5.)  I’ve conducted behavioral and cognitive research


Want to learn more?

Email: Melanieaacc@aol.com