What I’ve done; Where I want to go


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon I came to Washington over a year ago to further pursue my passions and receive a top tier education at the School of International Service at American University. I am currently majoring in international relations with a minor in communications, in addition to receiving certificates in Advanced Leadership Studies and Peace Corps Prep. I am currently working in marketing, as a Marketing Intern at the TCMS for the Ronald Reagan Building and World Trade Center.

As a young professional, I have spent the last two years exploring my interests, learning and growing- both personally and professionally. By coincidence, my freshman year in D.C. overlapped with the 2016 Presidential Election. After being front and center during such a historic and unprecedented race, I was encouraged to intern with the Vice President of the National Organization for Women the following spring. I left my internship with extensive experience in grassroots advocacy, and the continued belief that equality for all should be a national priority.

I also left my freshman year with a foundation in international service and world politics. Thanks to a generous grant through American University Abroad, I was able to further my studies over the summer in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I took a course  called The Politics of Conflict Transformation, in which I visited and learned about government institutions, NGOs, political activists, academics and historical sites to learn about the history of paramilitary conflict in Belfast and elsewhere. I also conducted research in Belfast on victimhood in violent conflicts in order to present findings on possible reparations for victims post-conflict. It was here that I discovered I prefer to learn through immersive research and travel.

Following my experience in Belfast, I have continued researching violence and paramilitary activity. I am currently researching how the international discourse on childhood and hegemonic Western definitions impact children’s role in conflict in varying cultural contexts. My work on this has even earned me the opportunity to present my research at National Conference for Undergraduate Research 2018. I also had the opportunity to intern at The Sheridan Group last semester. In this position, I was given the opportunity to research development strategies to counter violent extremism as my internship project, which can be viewed in my work samples. I also worked directly with our client portfolio, performing duties further outlined in my resume.

My pre-college experience reflects my ambition and work ethic. While still in high school, I served as the Student Body President,  worked with the City of Hillsboro as a voting board member to implement and update new zoning and land usage laws and assisted the Oregon State House and Majority Leader Val Hoyle in testifying for new education policies. I also have always been passionate about community service. I worked closely with Special Olympics Oregon for over four years;  taking on coaching roles, leading successful community level fundraisers, speaking at conferences,  and as the Youth Outreach Intern, creating fundraising and marketing materials which were used state-wide.


Looking forward, I am interested in international development, terrorism research and paramilitary studies and more broadly, political consulting and communications. As a young person, I have a wide range of interests and passions. Most importantly, I am excited about learning and continuing to explore all that D.C. has to offer.