Monday, May 13

Creating Active Classrooms:

Fostering Student Engagement Through Constructivism

Erin Horan (Instructional Designer, Center for Teaching, Research & Learning) &
Kim Westemeier (Instructional Designer, Center for Teaching, Research & Learning)

Location: MGC 200

Time: 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

How can we encourage our students to engage more- with us, their peers, and the course content? What strategies can be implemented to foster student engagement so our students thrive in our classrooms? In this session, we will focus on student engagement through the lens of constructivist theory, which promotes a pedagogical approach that encourages students to be active contributors to the course’s knowledge. We will explore the characteristics of a constructivist-based classroom, experiment with different evidence-based constructivist strategies, and select appropriate technological tools that can help foster student engagement. Our session will culminate in time to incorporate these strategies and tools into your Fall 2019 courses.

After this session, you should be able to:
• Define the characteristics of a constructivist classroom.
• Identify constructivist strategies that can be used in the classroom setting.
• Compare different approaches and strategies to constructivist teaching.
• Determine the advantages and disadvantages of constructivist classrooms.
• Select appropriate technological tools to support instructional goals and course learning outcomes.
• Brainstorm implementation strategies to incorporate the constructivist approach to your Fall 2019 courses.


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