To be updated on July 27th, probably from Newark Airport!

And here I am writing from the Newark Airport . . . so I guess you can say . . .
I made it?

So I’ve learned a couple of things about travel today:
1. Buses suck. They just always suck. It’s awkward. You have to deal with traffic. Sometimes it’s hot. Sometimes it smells. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, it’s both! Wow – What a treat.
2. Buses suck. Yes, this needs to be said twice! They are generally late, or running late because, again, traffic. And while children are everywhere, they are also on buses.
3. Port Authority . . . Uhm . . . can you get your act together? Greyhound, can you not over sell buses? It’s like if I over sold a theater, and then told the people who bought expensive seats that they have to see a different show, or stand.
4. Priceline sucks, more on that later.

5. If you drink too much water, you have to pee. If you don’t drink enough water, you get a headache.
6. Old man Alan is probably the best person I met throughout this trip. He was ancient, and kept saying all of the angry things I was feeling. But since he is so old, he is allowed to say them while I have to sit quiet and politely smile and not say how it’s completely unacceptable that the roof hatch is leaking due to the rain outside of the bus. Yes, the bus was leaking.
7. You’re either hungry or your stomach hurts. Never neither of them, but often both.
8. Downloading Netflix episodes is a saving grace.
9. Buses suck and their charging things never work.
10. Newark is just a gem. If you took the gem, smashed it, put it in doggie doo-doo and then set it on fire using rotten eggs and hairspray hair.

But I made it to Newark.

In hindsight, I should have flown out of Dulles, or even Baltimore, or maybe just not Newark. I found the flight from EWR to CDG three months ago. It was one of the first things I bought and then I bought a bus ticket from DC to Newark (via NYC Port Authority) so that I could take, said EWR-CDG flight.

I bought this ticket from Priceline.

This plane ticket was for Hahn Airlines operated by Primera Scandinavia.

This plane ticket was for a trip from EWR-CDG that NEVER EXISTED! 


Now, I’ve had 3 hours to go through this and handle the situation, and I’m still angry, but the situation has been figured out. With the soft support from my husband, I found another flight, leaving tonight (well really, Saturday at 2am) that is going to fly into Iceland, and then transfer to fly into Paris. EWR-KEF-CDG. Super.

Presently, I’m trying to figure out why they didn’t honor my window seat reservations. I’ll talk to them in an hour about that. And, I’m trying to figure out if I’m going to make my connecting flight in KEF to get to CDG. That tale has yet to be told.

But. Something I’m proud of is that all hell broke loose, I didn’t cry, I found a new (last minute!) flight, called Priceline, explains the situation 10 times, check-in to my new airline, got Priceline to get my a refund (and maybe more tbd – and the refund will take 6-8 weeks), went through security, got to my gate, and finally went to the bathroom all in 2 hours.

Now I’m going to watch Parks and Recreation and wait until I can figure out the next step.
I am still going to Paris.
I will still see the Eiffel Tower.
I will get to my hotel room.
I will sleep.
I will not go over budget, even with buying a last minute plane ticket!
I will get to Bonn,
I will learn and this adventure will continue.

Come hell or high water, I will be in Bonn on Sunday!