Annotated Bibliography 5 & 6

Carey, Kevin. “How to Raise a University’s Profile: Pricing and

Packaging.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 6 Feb.



In Kevin Carey’s article in the New York Times titled, How to Raise a University’s Profile: Pricing and Packaging, he illustrates to us how a school like George Washington University has increased its prestige in the eyes of the public by simply raising their tuition. This article gives great insight into how the university goes about their work, and how they try to climb the national ranks. They try to recruit a certain type of student, ones who come from wealth but were not able to get into ivy league schools. This way they can afford the high tuition rates, and they can give the perception their education is worth a lot of money.

I will be using this source for my final project. I am comparing George Washington University and the university’s hospital in that they both want to achieve success, but they go about it in two completely different ways. The hospital is a more accepting experience in that they want to be relied upon in the metropolitan area. They want to treat everyone in order to be considered a go-to place for anyone needing their services. The school however wants to be less inviting. They only want to let in top tier students who can afford the large tuition required.


GWtweets. “The George Washington University.” Vimeo, 4 May 2017, Accessed 4 May 2017.

This source is a video created by George Washington University executives. It serves to recruit potential students as they are trying to decide their future university. This video was aired on television as a commercial and it puts the school in a great light. It shows great images of the city, the school, and their athletes competing in various events. The commercial states that their students are out to change the world, implying that they only want future student who have that same mindset. I have to say it is a pretty great video, and undoubtedly helps the university with their goal of climbing the national ranks.

I will use this video in my final project. I think that it will be good to the viewer to have a visual experience. It is one thing to explain a concept to someone, but it is entirely different to show them with something tangible and real. This video will further my points about the university and how the types of students they try to recruit. They only want students focused on trying to revolutionize the world.

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