Annotated Bibliography 7 & 8

GWUHospital. “George Washington University Hospital – Quality

Hospital Care.”YouTube, YouTube, 16 July 2013, Accessed 4 May


This video created by George Washington University executives shows the public how they want the hospital to be viewed. At first, they put show the hospital in a historical context showing former President Ronald Reagan and how they were the ones trusted to perform emergency surgery on him after an assassination attempt. Next they show doctors working with high tech equipment and state they are as advanced as any hospital around. From this video we can tell they want to gain the public’s trust and be relied up across the entire metropolitan area.

I will use this video in my final project. It will should the audience in more depth how the GW Hospital operates. They want to create a certain perception of themselves, and this video helps dramatically. This video was on television as a commercial, so countless people have seen it and digested their message. It will be good to include this video in my project so the reader will have something tangible to look at. It will only enhance the experience of the audience.

Overly, Steven. “American, George Washington, GWU Hospital form

pact to buy solar power for next 20 years.” The Washington Post,

WP Company, 23 June 2014,



utm_term=.0b8538be3e1f. Accessed 26 Mar. 2017.

In this Washington Post article by Steven Overly titled, American, George Washington, GWU Hospital form pact to buy solar power for next 20 years, he lets us know how the George Washington University Hospital has decided to use solar power for years to come. They have planned this operation out so they know they can afford the costs. This illustrates how advanced and cutting-edge the hospital is trying to become. They want the community to know they are as advanced as any other hospital around, so people are inclined to use their services.

I am considering using this article in my final project. I think could add some great information in how the hospital is trying to get ahead of their competition. I believe the hospital had a hand in generating this article, because they want the public to know why it would be a good decision to choose them instead of their competitors. If I can show this to the reader, I think it can only make my work that much better.

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