Annotated Bibliography 9 & 10

Reel, Monte. “Old GWU Hospital Will Soon Be History.” The

Washington Post, WP Company,14 Sept. 2003,


utm_term=.b956bcd0513f. Accessed 26 Mar. 2017.

In Monte Reel’s article titled Old GWU Hospital Will Soon Be History, he talks how, at the time, the old GW hospital would not continue to operate and a new one would take its place. This article dates back to 2003, so we can see how far back the hospital’s executives have been trying to stay advanced and have top of the line facilities. From this article we can see that the message they’re trying to sell has stayed the same throughout time. Through the years they have always tried to stay ahead of their competition.

I will be using this article to further show the messaging they hospital has tried to show. This article allows me to show that they have been selling this message to the public for countless years. If I can show that to the audience, they will make my argument that much stronger.


Cimino, Matt C. “Category: Essays.” Powered by EdSpace, 9 Mar. 2017, Accessed 4

May 2017.

In this essay created by myself, I have outlined the built environment of the George Washington University Hospital in great detail. I talk about how how the hospital’s structured, and the structures surrounding the physical building. These structures show what messages the hospital wants to send to the public. They allow the hospital to accomplish their own goals, all the while making life easy for the people around them.

I will be using some of my past work in my final project when talking about the hospital’s built environment. It will be important to show the reader what this environment signals to the public. Since I am comparing the the goals of both the hospital and the university and the discrepancies in how they go about them, this past essay will be helpful in relaying my message.

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