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About Me

My name is Michael Corrado, and I am originally from the suburban town of Mahwah, New Jersey. I had lived in Mahwah for 17 years with my mom, dad, two sisters, and two dogs. My mom is Vietnamese and my dad is mostly Italian, so it is safe to say that my sisters and I were raised in a very multi-cultural environment; a fact which I am very thankful for. Some of my main interests include snowboarding, which I will greatly miss given the lack of mountains within metro travelling distance, reading, particularly historical fiction, and food. I chose to attend American University for a few reasons; I have loved Washington D.C. since I first visited this city, American is a good distance from home without being too far, and I could not have been happier about AU’s campus or the various programs and opportunities they have to offer. In general, I am very excited for my next four years here and I look forward to getting involved in the AU community.


Listed below are a variety of my goals, academic, professional, and personal, both long term and short term. These goals will be constantly evolving over the course of my time at American University.

1. Long-Term Goals


  • Maintain the grades necessary to apply and be accepted to medical school.
  • Take interesting and challenging courses that directly apply to my field of study.
  • Further my understanding of the science and mathematical fields.


  • Get as much funding as possible for graduate school.
  • Get involved in an internship or volunteer position that allows me to experience the medical field firsthand.
  • Develop a network of peers, alumni, and professionals that I can utilize in the future.


  • Hone my time management and studying skills.
  • Find what I am passionate about and pursue it.

2. Semester Goals


  • Talk to the Office of Merit Awards about fellowships that pay for graduate school (Tied to graduate school long-term goal).
  • Talk to my academic adviser about my class schedule for next semester.


  • Have an informational interview with department chair to see what career options are possible in that major.
  • Join a club that is pertinent to my interests.
  • Apply for a job or internship for the second semester.


  • Continue to meet new people and keep an open mind.

Mentor Network

Nadeen Makhlouf-Senior Honors Counselor

Current Position

Include here any professional or leadership positions you hold this semester, including jobs, internships, and AU clubs/activities. Keep this section up-to-date as you gain or change positions.

Major/Minor/Certificate Program

I am a biology major in the College of Arts and Sciences on the pre-medical track.