Contemplating Climate Change

When I walked into my first Honors Climate Change class, I knew that climate change was an important issue, but little more. I certainly didn’t realize how interdisciplinary the problem was, and how diverse I would have to be in my approach to it. At first, with the help of Professor MacAvoy, I looked at the issue through a scientific lens. He helped me understand what caused climate change to occur and provided me with evidence to support the fact that humans caused it. Looking at the issue through this lens helped me understand why something had to be done about the issue. To figure out what should be done, I next learned about domestic factors that influence climate change policy from Professor Eisenstadt. He taught me which governments are most likely to create sound policy to combat climate change, which opened my eyes to domestic ways to approach the climate change issue. Finally, Professor Jinnah helped me look at climate change through an international lens, which allowed me to realize how global the issue was, and how difficult it was for all countries to decide on a solution. This was especially apparent during our mock negotiations.

By approaching the issue of climate change through three different angles, I now better understand how complex and interdisciplinary each issue of the world is. Issues like climate change can be applied across countless fields on countless levels of analysis, and I am now better equipped to approach them as such.

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