Annotated Bibliography 1

Annotated Bibliography 1
Makenzie Gold Quiros
In my first article chosen, a piece written by Sharon LaFraniere in 1990 on D.C. Mayor Marion Barry’s arrest at the Vista Hotel and subsequent tumult that followed, La Franiere quickly summarizes the situation. She explains the Mayor’s roll in the night’s events and the “narcotics charges” that it was revealed he was being investigated for by the FBI, sighting anonymous sources at the hotel, the police Chief Isaac Fulwood, and the statements released by the Washington Field Office. After summarizing the details of the scene she adds quick interjections about the Mayor’s plan to announce his reelection campaign on that Sunday, and the lack of structure given by any assisting documents to aid the procedure of such an arrest.
LaFraniere quickly consolidates her sources, mostly people at the hotel and vague official statements, to give the reader a basic background to the issue of the week. This information is presented alongside her own, more tactile, observations. “Police Chief Isaac Fulwood, wearing a T-shirt, windbreaker and casual trousers,” she elaborates on the scene, writing that “R. Kennth Mundy… arrived about 11:35 p.m. wearing a sweat suit and hurried upstairs.” Her observations paint a better scene for her readers. Argumentation in her piece is lacking as it’s mostly informational, but she does present the idea that the citizens of D.C. can vote the Mayor out of office if they choose, making her informational method display her probable thoughts on the matter.

LaFaniere, Sharon. “Barry Arrested on Cocaine Charges in Undercover FBI, Police Operation.” Washington Post. The Washington Post, 19 Jan. 1990. Web. 06 Oct. 2016.

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